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    Looking to identify Bosch accelerometers for data sheet

    Looking to identify Bosch accelerometers for data sheet

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    Hi all! This is my first time posting to these boards.

    My team is working on communicating with some OTS automotive impact sensors which have Bosch accelerometers inside them. We're looking to make the sensor available for the aftermarket, using the same exact Bosch IC (or an updated version of the same thing - it doesn't matter). But all of that is dependent on identifying the actual chips we have and getting the datasheet.

    The package is soicw-16, but the markings haven't led us anywhere.

    The chip markings are:




    We also decapsulated the IC to see if there were any part markings on the die. It looks like there are two dies inside. One has markings "CG968." The other has markings "CMB271."

    I've uploaded some images of the package and die markings. Any help we could get in identifying these would be awesome!


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    Hello jdessino,

    Do you know where you bought your module? You'd better contact your supplier to apply for what materials you want. The marking must be checked by your sales channel first.

    Since we're in aftermarket development, we just purchase the automotive impact sensors from dealerships and autoparts stores. There isn't really any sales chain that leads to someone with any technical knowledge.


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    Community Moderator

    Hello jdessino,

    I don't understand why aftermarket development needs data sheet?
    If you want to get data sheet, you have to contact with official distributor and apply for it from them first.

    Hey Robin,

    The reason I would need the datasheet is because I can't talk to the device to learn its calibration settings. I don't even know what device it actually is, other than a Bosch accelerometer. All I have are markings on the chip and the die. My goal is to map out the functionality and choose a current Bosch accelerometer to use in an aftermarket sensor.

    If, by official distributor, you mean Ford or Chrysler or Toyota, they don't share that information with aftermarket developers. They have no business interest to do so.