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    MBi323 shutter board 3.0 on application board 3.0 not working on ARM64

    MBi323 shutter board 3.0 on application board 3.0 not working on ARM64


    Hi good people,

    So I managed to make everything work on Ubuntu 22.04, but not on Jetson AGX Orin with Jetpack 5.1. (based on Ubuntu 20.04). 

    Basically, I cloned an official git repo BMI323-Sensor-API, installed COINES, built libcoines-pc and used all of that to make a working project (zipped folder attached). That project works perfectly on Ubutnu 22 but doesnot work on Jetson (ARM 64). 

    My conclusions and findings:
    lsusb lists `Thesycon Systemsoftware & Consulting GmbH BST Application Board` on Ubuntu 22, but `Thesycon Systemsoftware & Consulting GmbH` on Jetson AGX Orin
    Errors on jetson:
    `Unable to connect with Application Board !
    1. Check if the board is connected and powered on.
    2. Check if Application Board USB driver is installed.
    3. Check if board is in use by another application. (Insufficient permissions to access USB)`
    or just segfault somewhere in bmi3_interface_init() -> gdb returns '??'

    Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Did I miss something regarding amd64 - arm64 installation proceadure?

    Thank you for Your help and time!
    Best regards

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi FilipV1,

    You can check what is the difference between your installation on Ubuntu 22.04 and your installation on Ubuntu 20.04? The OS version requirements for reference are as follows:

    COINES system requirements.png

    What do you mean by check for the installation differences? Just by the fact that one is on amd64 and the other is on arm64 libcoines-pa.a will be different, I checked md5 hash and it is different. /etc/udev/rules.d/bst_coines.rules file is the same. What else should I do?

    Thank you

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi FilipV1,

    Did you install TDM64 compiler on your 64-bit platform?

    COINES should be usable on any recent PC or laptop system which has at least a performance as an "office PC". What is your ARM64 device?

    I managed to make it work for ARM. There was a problem in USB hub...