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    Mobile Plant

    Mobile Plant

    New Poster

    I'm new to the community so forgive me if this question has been asked before. I'm hoping one of the Bosh Technical Engineers can answer this question for me. 

    We need a Digital Compass to provide 360 rotation for use on vehicles,mobile plant and heavy machinery such as Excavators, Dozers etc. We have been trialing the BNO055 but the issue we run into is calibration in the field since its impossible to perform a calibration insitue on power up. We need a compass that once calibrated in the workshop can be installed an only calibrated if it starts to drift; and if it needs calibrating in the field, the calibration is done by rotating the machine (excavator easy to do) or driving the vehicle in a circle etc. As the compass will be fixed to the vehicle it won't be able to be removed to re-calibrate and its impracticable to do every time its used. The vehicles & machines can also be subject to vibration due to road surface or operation.

    Can Bosh recommend a suitable sensor we can integrate into our products ?

    Attached is a photo of a typical installation on an excavator.

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    Hello Martin,

    In the case of BNO055, provided that the magnetic distortion is not too large on top of that little stick, then you can save the calibration profile when the vehicle is powerd off and reload it when it is powered on again.

    However this only works properly is the vehicle is not moved significantly whil powered off. If the vehicle is loaded onto a trailer then powered on several hundred kilometers away, the magnetic field would not be the same in that location and therefore won't work.


    Do you need the magnetic North as a reference ?