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    Multiple Independant IAQ outputs using BSEC and multiple BME680 devices

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    Multiple Independant IAQ outputs using BSEC and multiple BME680 devices


    I'm currently working on a project which requires to measurement of the air quality within an enclosure, and the air quality outside the enclosure. 

    Initially I'm am using the BSEC libary with a single BME680 device and it's working - however I now want to add a second set of independant virtual sensor outputs which will take their input from the 2nd BME680 device.

    Each of the BME680 devices is connected to the same microcontroller, albiet on seperate i2c busses. 

    Essentially a need two instances of the BSEC library which are independant of each other.

    Is this possible to do with the current library? i.e. can I process two sets and inputs and get two sets of outputs simaltaneously?

    I did find this post: Multiple BME680 devices with BSEC but think it's not exactly the same as what I am looking for. I think in that post the OP wants to use multiple BME680 device as inputs and have a single set of outputs, I need to use multiple BME680 devices as inputs, and have multiple outputs. 





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    Re: Multiple Independant IAQ outputs using BSEC and multiple BME680 devices

    Hi Sir:

        Would you like to reference the following link to know how to deal with your inquery.

        Hopefully, it helps you.

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    Re: Multiple Independant IAQ outputs using BSEC and multiple BME680 devices

    Thank you Jet!

    The example is exactly what I was looking for.