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    Need Technical Support on -  BNO055 - Difference between silk print A6 and A9

    Need Technical Support on -  BNO055 - Difference between silk print A6 and A9


    Need Technical Support on -  BNO055 - Difference between silk print A6 and A9

    One of our productS has been using one of your components since last year.
    Part Number : BNO055
    Description: Intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor.

    However, we encountered some problems recently when we were using this BNO055 senero.
    We were ordering/using as below before, it worked as expected.
    Silk print:




    However, the last batch we ordered didn't work as we expectation.After deeper investigation, we found the silk print differs from the ones we ordered before.
    Silk print:


    We checked the datasheet, we found the 2nd line from your datasheet shows this is for your internal use purpose.
    I contact you immediately and want to get your support on below points :
    1>. What's the difference between A9 and A6? Are they compatible with each other?
    2>.If A6 isn't compatible with A9, what's the best solution for us to correct the problem? (we found the A6 sensor doesn't work)
    3>. Or maybe we ordered a wrong sensor or a fake sensor?
    Looking forward to support and Thank you very much!
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    Sorry to hear you have met the same problem with me.

    How can I contact with you? Let's discuss details.

    My email address:

    Looking forwards to further discussion with you.


    I have the same problem with A5
    We have bought 60 pieces at very high price through our EMS supplier in China. (Suppose to be legit, we have done a few productions so far).

    A5 doesn't work at all and appears to consume a lot more power than A8 which works just fine.

    Has anyone know if A5 is an authentic part?

    I also bought some A5 chips in China and all don't work. The chips do not answer the I2C request at all. I do business with the same dealer for many years. I guess the chips are not fake, but there are some problems in Bosch manufacture and testing.


    Yes, we confirmed finally with Bosch DE, the BNO055 chips we bought was from Bosch, but they are Engineering version, not Mass production version, which means you can't use them according to the datasheet.

    And later we already ordered correct BNO055 for our mass production then.

    But now the BNO055 Chip is so expensive, we are trying to use BMI170 to be as an alternative.

    If you need service, eg, sourcing components, protpotype PCBAs or final product assembly, we can of course offer these service,

    We are in ShenZhen,China.

    And I'm from NOA Labs

    You can find me at

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi all,

    If your stock is bought from an official distributor, please contact them first and we will support you if you have some issues.

    If your stocks are purchased from unofficial channel, please contact your supplier. We can't track these stocks and provide technical support.

    Thanks for your understanding.