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    Not able to get Gas Estimate Channel X from BSEC

    Not able to get Gas Estimate Channel X from BSEC

    New Poster

    Hello All
    Goof Day!!
    We are integrating BSEC library with BME688 sensor on NRF SDK ,
    We succesfully able to get compensated Temprature , Humidity,Pressure value from BSEC
    But we are facing issue to get Gas Estimate X out from BSEC,it always show zero value even after 45 minute of test run.
    And also IAQ value always show 25 and "Run in status"  flag always show 0 from BSEC output.

    Please suggest possible solustion of issue.

    Please find detail log in Attachedment

    Let me know if more information require.

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    Hello Robin,

    Any updates on our query. 

    It will be really helpful to us as we are stuck and unable to find any solution


    any updates??

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello jadeja14890,

    Sorry for delay reply.
    You migrated Arduino project to nordic platform. Could we know the following two
    1.What code do you call the API(BSEC_2.0.1.0_Internel_Release\API\bme680.c)?
    2.Before you call bme680_init() in your code, what is the initialization code for struct bme680_dev?

    struct bme680_dev {
    /*! Chip Id */
    uint8_t chip_id;
    /*! Device Id */
    uint8_t dev_id;
    /*! Unique id */
    uint32_t unique_id;
    /*! SPI/I2C interface */
    enum bme680_intf intf;
    /*! Memory page used */
    uint8_t mem_page;
    /*! Ambient temperature in Degree C*/
    int8_t amb_temp;
    /*! Sensor calibration data */
    struct bme680_calib_data calib;
    /*! Read function pointer */
    bme680_com_fptr_t read;
    /*! Write function pointer */
    bme680_com_fptr_t write;
    /*! Delay function pointer */
    bme680_delay_fptr_t delay_ms;
    /*! Communication function result */
    int8_t com_rslt;
    /*! Store the info messages */
    uint8_t info_msg;


    Please Find Below Answer

    1.What code do you call the API(BSEC_2.0.1.0_Internel_Release\API\bme680.c)?

         [Ans]    BSEC api callerd from Main.c  in While(1) loop  please see atached snapshot Main_c.png

    2. Before you call bme680_init() in your code, what is the initialization code for struct bme680_dev?

     [Ans.] Regarding initialization of bme68x structure and bme68x_init, we are actually initializing BME688 before calling "initialize_bsec_library" from Main function

    Please find attached code snippet for same (Main_C.png,bme688_get_dev_structure.png, and BME688_Init.png).