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    Problem with BME680 IAQ accuracy


    Problem with BME680 IAQ accuracy


    I am using the latest version of BSEC ( as of today. This version solved the issue of IAQ staying to zero but I still have an issue with IAQ accuracy.

    See these 2 links:

    These are the IAQ and IAQ accuracy measurements for 2 different devices sitting next to each other.

    We can see that since several days, the IAQ accuracy is 1 and does not change anymore.

    I don't get any error messages from BSEC library. So I don't see what I could do wrong.

    Does anyone may have an idea at what I should look/investigate?

    For info, I am running the bsec library on esp8266.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Problem with BME680 IAQ accuracy

    Your links seem to require a login to view the data. Would it be possible to also include the input signals (temperature/pressure/humidity/gas resistance) to better understand what the sensor is measuring?


    Re: Problem with BME680 IAQ accuracy

    Thanks for the answer.

    Here are the images of the 2 links I wanted to send.

    For now, I don't store the gas resistance, only temp, humidity, pressure, iaq and iaq accuracy. So I will update my firmware to store all of them and once I have results for one week, I will come back to you.