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    Problems encounted while using BME688 Gas Sensor Developer Kit

    Problems encounted while using BME688 Gas Sensor Developer Kit



        I got BME688 shuttle board and Adafruit Huzzah32 - ESP32 in this kit (BME688 Gas Sensor Developer Kit). and I'd like to go through the tutorials at

       but I encounter same problems. 

       1. there is no data logged on SDcard(I got a 512G sdcard not from BME688 Gas Sensor Developer Kit). and I copyed a 20**_**_**_**_**_BoardConfiguration.bmeconfig generated from AI studio(2.0.0), as I could not find a config file (included in the software kit).  and I had put a CR1220 coin cell in Real time clock battery holder.

      2. I do not know if the program is the one programmed by factory. it outputs these words

    WiFi scan start
    WiFi Scan done
    2 networks found



        I'd like to comfirm 3 things:

       1. is the program the original program set by factory? 

       2. is the config file right? or where you get the config file for logging data.

       3. is the size of sdcard to large? (512G)


    thanks ahead





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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mmz211,

    1.You can refer to the guide to setup your hardware & software;
    2.Make sure your SD has been formatted before use;
    3.You can use serial port sfotware tools to view printing information when BME688 dev kit is powered on.

    Hi, Robin

    thanks for your reply.

    SD card has been formatted.

    I reprogrammed Adafruit Huzzah32 board. It seems normal now.

    Does it needed that warm up the board for at least 24 hours? (it is warmed up 24 hours, but the program seem not the right one then)

    Does sdcard needed to insert into Adafruit Huzzah32 board when warm up?






    Hi, Robin

        I went through the tutorial, it works now.

        And what to do if user wants to distinguish between these two kind of coffee.