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    Problems with results from BME688

    Problems with results from BME688

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    We got the BME688 for temperature, gas, humidity, pressure measurements. We ran into a big problem. We did everything according to the videos and descriptions, tried many different settings/configurations and measured at different places. If we load our raw-data in the BME AI-Studio our temperature measurements are way off and have a lot of spikes (picture below). Even in a cellar without any heat sources around it, the temperature is unrealistic high and goes up and down. All the other Components have a lot of spikes too (pictures below).

    We also noticed that no data was written to the microSD card during measurements. We'd like to know if there are any specific requirements for the sd card (eg file format) that we need to be aware of?

    I hope somebody can help me or tell me who to contact for help.









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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Luma, 


    Below data you got is from BME688 dev kit? 

    Are you using latest BME688 dev kit firmware? (ver 1.5.0)?

    If you are not sure, please download below URL and test it again.

    If yes, please let me know. 



    Thanks for the quick reply and yes I am using the latest firmware


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Luma, 


    The purpose of AI studio and BME688 array kit is not for manual check, but for AI learning. 

    Therefore, the raw data is to check chemical characteristic near BME688, it heats itself internally and check environment. 

    I think you already watch our youtube clip, but please watch and follow our step. 

    Then, you can learn your own gas like coffee smell.

    Thank you.