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    Reading IAQ value with BME680 Library integration

    Reading IAQ value with BME680 Library integration

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    I am trying to integrate ESP32-S3 with BME680 using I2C. 

    Currently I am observing changes in Humidity, Temperatures but IAQ value is not changing. We tring blowing air near the sensor.

    Is there a way can i verify BME680 sensor library without sensor.

    Please let me know how shall validate the IAQ values i am reading from the sensor. 

    For reference i have attached screenshot of sensor values read.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Arvind,

    Could we know which example code you run?

    i have taken the example from The BSEC Software | Bosch Sensortec (

    bsec_1-4-9-2_generic_release library was used & bsec_iot_example.c example i have taken.


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Arvind,

    How long has your sensor been running?

    In the first 30 minutes, the change of resistance value is not obvious.
    The IAQ value obtained within 8 hours is not credible, and it can be obtained after more than 8 hours
    After 7 days, based on similar baselines, the output value of different sensors in the same environment should be within the scope of the specification, ± 15+± 15%.

    Hi BTSRobin,

    Thanks for information. While i am testing with BME680 sensor, I am observing that run_in_status is becoming 1 only after 4 minutes & after that only i am able to get variation in IAQ & other gas values. Is this an expected behaviour?

    Also currently i am not focussing on temperature values read from the sensor. Is there a wait time before reading temperature value from the BME680?