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    Running BME688 on STM32

    Running BME688 on STM32

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    Hi, I am trying to find an example of how to use an algorithm generated in Bosch AI Studio to sense gases using the STM32 board and BME688 breakout board. I've tried doing it on my Raspberry Pi with picockpit and it worked, but I want something, that consumes less power. I'll be thankful for an example code or instruction on how to apply the algorithm to STM32. 

    Have a great day


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    There is migration introduction guide in BSEC 2 library.


    In terms of power consumption, we need to use high performance mode for AI feature, but if you don't use AI feature, then you can use low power mode as well. 

    Thank you. 

    Okay, thank you
    So is it possible to collect data using stm32/esp and then stare it to another device that could use this data to sense gases? How can I do it?

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    Community Moderator

    Technically, yes. 

    Originally, you can gather data for AI studio using our BME688 dev kit.

    And also, we open our BME688 dev kit code as below.

    If you can migrate our project sample and make same data format for AI studio, you can use the data for AI studio. 

    Then, you can create your own config file using AI studio and apply it to other MCU. 


    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I want to create an algorithm to sense two gasses using dev kit, but then I want t use a breakout board with esp to collect data once in 15 minutes and then send it to Raspberry Pi, which based on the algorithm, could tell if esp is in the first gas or in second. And my question is how to run (not generate) an algorithm (generated on dev kit) on Raspberry Pi with data collected from esp with a breakout board?