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    Sensor fusion with external UWB or GPS data

    Sensor fusion with external UWB or GPS data

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    We're looking for integrating the BHI260AB sensor in one of our applications. This device will also have access to an absolute position from an UWB or GPS source. We have knowledge of sensor fusion algorithms from MATLAB or robot_localization from ROS. These algorithms make use of the raw accelerometer and gyroscope data. Is it possible to use the BSX software to fuse the UWB/GPS measurements or is there a possibility of using the orrientation from the sensor in an external algorithm (how do we need to handle the heading drift in this case)? In the programmer's manual we find an option to integrate GPS data as an external sensor, but how is this data implemented in the sensor fusion algorithm? 


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    Hi Sir:

     PDR solution is that in BHI160B or BHI260AB useing of the raw accelerometer and gyroscope data to calculate the relative moving positons and then output these values from sensor to host to further fuse the UWB/GPS measurements to get the absolute location and orietntation.

    But if enough space, fusion can be runned inside sensor or in external flash, because BHI260AB support external flash.

    Please see the following link, find more information of PDR:

    If you want to get more support, please contact the local FAE. Many support and information and documents will be shared under NDA.


    Hello there,

    What is the digital resolution of  BHI260AB?? What is the smallest lenght we can measure with it?


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    Hi Sir:

        Please see BHI260AB datasheet, TABLE 105  out signal acceleromater and TABLE 107 out signal gyroscope, you can find physical  ACC and GYRO resolution and sensitivity.

        Thank you.