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    Skipping incompatible ./libalgobsec.a in Atmel Studio (Microchip Studio) for Atmega644p

    Skipping incompatible ./libalgobsec.a in Atmel Studio (Microchip Studio) for Atmega644p



    I'm trying to integreate BME680 with Atmega644p, but unable to add libalgobsec.a in my project.

    I'm using Libraries --> Add library feature, however upon compiling it says skipping .\libalgobsec.a when seacrching for -lalgobsec (see attachement).


    See below screenshot of my linker settings.



    It'd be great if someone can help me out.

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    AVRStudio is now called Microchip Studio (as AVRStudio is developed by Atmel and so is Microchip).

    And for unknwown reasons, the library isn't being accepted by Microchip Studio.

    An alternate which i can think of is to use API provided by Bosch, so that'll give me reading of Gas_Resistance value.

    Can you help me with what Gas_Resistance value is telling us and how can we extract CO2 value from this? 

    Any supporting material regarding Gas_Resistance value will be helpful to me in writing my own algorithm to extract CO2 value (as i only am using BME680 to read CO2 values).


    I tried it with AVRStudio and it didn't load even in AVRStudio.

    Moreover, i created some sample libraries using AVRStudio and it loaded perfectly in Microchip Studio, so the issue isn't of compatibility.

    The only possibility now is that Bosch must have compiled the wrong file/placed wrong files in wrong folder?

    Can you please ask your deveopment team to cross verify the .a files placed in BSEC software?


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello AzeemAnwar,

    For your further requests, please visit, and use the contact form to submit your request.

    After 2 months of experiments, coordination with BOSCH and everything, here is the conclusion.

    Pre-compiled library is only compatible with AVR controllers having Boot Memory of 256 Kbytes, and only following 4 controllers make it to list:

    1. ATmega2561
    2. ATmega2564RFR2
    3. ATmega2560
    4. ATmega256RFR2

    So if you try to compile libalgobsec.a available in BSEC software for Atmega controllers with any other controller than mentioned above (in my case Atmega644P), it simply doesn't compile.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello AzeemAnwar,

    I would like to know have you submitted your request in contact form and got correct BSEC SW?

    Wait your feedback. Thanks.