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    Sleep mode BMP388 not works

    Sleep mode BMP388 not works

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    I have a problem to activate the power safe mode of the BMP388 sensor. I have setted this register :

    Register : 0x1B

    data : 0x03

    When i reread the register 0x1B the sensor responds with data 0x03, this indicate that i setted correctly the sleep mode. But if i set this register or not set the consumption of the my board not change, for example, the consumption remain the same 0.038 ampere indifferently if set the register to imposted the sleep mode. Why the consumption not change if i setted sleep mode on the BMP388 sensor ?

    With the sensor BNO055 i reduced the consumption without problems.

    Thanks you

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello GMarco_Utech12,

    Tested it on my side, current consumption immediately changed below 2uA after I set 0x1B register to 0x03(sleep mode).

    Could you help double check 0x1B register value? It is better if it has I2C waveform.

    If the bmp388  sensor enter in sleep mode , how much is consumption reduced compared to normal mode operation in mV ?

    There are others registers to set for activate low power mode ?

    Thank you

    Hi GMarco_Utech12,

    The current consumption depends on ODR and oversampling setting.Please refer current consumption from BMP388 data sheet.


    For ODR and oversampling setting, you could also refer the register setting from data sheet.



    I have set follows registers :

     reg : 0x1B data:0x03

    reg:0x1C data:0x00

    reg:0x1D data:0x04 (i have tested with data 0x11) 

    but the can't redeuced the consumption, the consumption the my board remain fix to 0.068A. I made mistakes in setting the registers ? Can you help me a resolved th my problem ?

    Thanks you