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    Status codes for the BME688 sensor data

    Status codes for the BME688 sensor data

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    Hello Community,

    I am working on the BME688 sensor with the Raspberry pi.
    I am referring to the BME68X Sensor API  to port the application to raspberry pi CM4.

    I am not using the COINES Tool to communicate with the sensor device. Instead of that, I am using the I2C interface.

    Till now I am able to port the application & run the Force mode example successfully.
    & getting the following result as output.
    Note: I haven't printed the TimeStamp value here.

    I2C Interface
    Sample, TimeStamp(ms), Temperature(deg C), Pressure(Pa), Humidity(%), Gas resistance(ohm), Status
    1, 00000000, 31.53, 94684.11, 44.89, 219459.92, 0xa0
    2, 00000000, 31.71, 94687.38, 44.91, 7887.60, 0xb0
    3, 00000000, 32.17, 94678.07, 44.96, 9411.76, 0xb0
    4, 00000000, 32.58, 94677.10, 44.99, 12741.39, 0xb0
    5, 00000000, 32.85, 94684.97, 45.00, 16060.23, 0xb0
    6, 00000000, 33.04, 94675.18, 44.99, 19282.92, 0xb0
    7, 00000000, 33.17, 94677.45, 44.97, 22260.87, 0xb0
    8, 00000000, 33.29, 94680.03, 44.93, 25559.11, 0xb0
    9, 00000000, 33.37, 94682.83, 44.87, 28064.02, 0xb0

    I would like to know,
    1. Is this data is valid or not?
    2. What does status code 0xa0 & 0xb0 actually mean?

    Will you please help me to understand this?

    Shiv Patil.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello shivpatil,

    Your output value were under range, you could see it from BME688 data sheet.

    Hello BSTRobin

    I have read the datasheet, but am still not able to get the status field of the BME688 data.

    Will you please elaborate your answer in detail?

    Hello shivpatil,


    Your gas resistance is shifiting hard within this time frame. Do you have a time window for the shown measurements?

    Maybe the status has these codes, if i remember correctly you might need the bsec2 lib for indicating the status value...


    All the best

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello shivpatil,

    You could correct your time stamp value and test it again.