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    TOPIC BME680 WakeUp Mode

    TOPIC BME680 WakeUp Mode

    New Poster

    we integrated the BSEC Library lite on STM32
    at first power Up of STM32 is the BME680 wakedUp every 4 seconds to derive data and feed the BSEC algorythmen
    after a while (maxbe 20minutes) we wakeUp only every 5minutes, because BESC Library tell us, that the next wakeUp is expected in 300seconds

    Our questions:
    We get from bsec (see attached screenshot) the time for next wakeUP in this case 300seconds
    What happens if we dont follow this instruction from BSEC and wakeUp in e.g. 900 seconds. will the algorythmen fail?
    We are looking for a possibility to prevent the too often wakeUp (every 300seconds) -- but not overriding the bsec algorythmen.

    best regards

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    The same question.

    Can I read the sensor every 15 minutes, or should I strictly call the BSEC algorithm functions exactly every 3/300 seconds?

    Physically, it is impossible to read the sensor too often, and 300 seconds is either a lot or a little.

    I would like to read it once every 2 - 3 minutes, or once every 30 minutes, depending on the need.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi nazar,

    mmh, this is not the answer on my question.

    As i read from your message, you have the same question and still waiting for response. right?

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    Community Moderator

    Hello AFpss, NazarDiadiun,

    You could see it from integration guide that these features were pre-defined and fixed. But if you want to design a project, for your further requests, you could visit, and use the contact form to submit your request.