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    Training Coffee Beans and Field Air

    Training Coffee Beans and Field Air


    I have exported the array file after training the sensor. When I am using it in the code the GAS PERCENTAGE in coffee is always showing 99% even I am putting the sensor in the Air. Does the amount of GAS_ESTIMATE_PERCENTAGE has any relation to the IAQ Accuracy? 

    I have taken the example from the BSEC sensor 2 library link is given here Bosch-BSEC2-Library/basic_config_state.ino at master · BoschSensortec/Bosch-BSEC2-Library · GitHub

    I  have attached the array file. Can you verify and check what could be the issue?


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    Hi Ayashkant123,

    How do you generate the configuration file? Is BME688 dev kit and BME AI Studio used? If yes, have you tested exporting the confirmatin file to BME688 dev kit?

    Hi, friend,

    were you able to solve the problem?

    I have exactly the same problem as you.

    can you talk to me on whatsapp or leave me your whatsapp number? Thanks a lot.

    +1 346 479 5301

    I have trained my alghoritm and want to test it in real conditions.
    I exported bsec config files and copy them to sd card in my board. Then I open app, but buttons "testing" and "environment" are inactive. Am I missing some steps?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Sebelo,

    After our internal check, we reproduced your problem.
    For the tested sensors and the trained sensors, BME AI-Studio relies more on the trained sensors. There are some problems with the support of the tested sensors. The sensor aging model function of AI Studio is in the development stage.

    "The sensor aging model function of AI Studio is in the development stage."

    So, did I buy your product to be a beta tester? If so, that is very improper and misleading of Bosch.
    NOTHING prior to purchase mentioned that the software was not FULLY ready for release.