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    Training Coffee Beans and Field Air

    Training Coffee Beans and Field Air


    I have exported the array file after training the sensor. When I am using it in the code the GAS PERCENTAGE in coffee is always showing 99% even I am putting the sensor in the Air. Does the amount of GAS_ESTIMATE_PERCENTAGE has any relation to the IAQ Accuracy? 

    I have taken the example from the BSEC sensor 2 library link is given here Bosch-BSEC2-Library/basic_config_state.ino at master · BoschSensortec/Bosch-BSEC2-Library · GitHub

    I  have attached the array file. Can you verify and check what could be the issue?


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Ayashkant123,

    Before you use the config file in your code, you should do the test with BME688 dev kit and app. Check first if it works properly on the development board with your record data, training? If yes, then run it in your code.

     1. Yes it is working fine in the Dev kit and another thing I observed that the value of the when I am spraying the sanitizer to check the VOC concentration the value of the GAS_ESTIMATE_PERCENTAGE(Coffee_beans) also increases. May I know the reason why does this happen??

    2. Second in the application code of mine the gas estimate percentage is coming as 99 % and it is not changing.

    Hi Ayashkant123,

    1.Sensor is sensitive to chemicals containing alcohol, gas_ ESTIMATE_ Percentage will increase.

    2. For github example code, did you only replace the configuration file without modifying any code?
    #include "config/FieldAir_HandSanitizer/FieldAir_HandSanitizer.h"

    Hi BSTRobin,

    Yes I have replaced that with the coffee Beans configuration. I am using NRF52832 board and the accuracy is coming around > 90% after training the data. In Hand Sanitizer profile it is working fine but in the coffee Beans it is not detecting properly? Can you help me out where is the issue?