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    Use BSEC library with BME680 on RaspberryPi

    Use BSEC library with BME680 on RaspberryPi


    Hello everyone,

    i am working on a little project in times of COVID-19.

    My plan is to measure the IAQ(e.g. co2-equivalent in ppm) with the BME680. I already downloaded this Skript. I got to it over the manufactors's website: bme680_main.c (also in the attachment-section)

    my particular sensor-broad: 

    there you can find at the very bottom of the website the "bme680-raspberry"-link: to the GitHub-Page. i did the steps told there and the code provided there is already running without any problems, what means i can measchure temperature, pressure, humidity and gas-resistance.

    Now i would like to "include" the BSEC-Library to the Projekt running on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+, in order to calculate(I think this is it what the BSEC-library does) the ppm's. 

    is there any possibility to make this work?

    please excuse me. I'm a) not the best english-speaker and b) not the most experienced programmer.

    Thank you for your help!


    best regards,

    Jeron Fischer 

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    Occasional Contributor

    Hi Sir:

       BME680 and the BSEC (Bosch SW Environmental Cluster) algorithm measure TVOC and provide an indoor air quality (IAQ), not for CO2 .

       CO2 concentration only is estimated, derived from VOC measurement, uses average correlation in field studies, have no accuracy specified.

       If you want to get precise CO2 ppm , it is not recommended.

       But if you chose BST sensor and have the problem you use, we will offer the best help we can do.


    Hi Jet, i never heard from anything called “BST sensors”.. Is this a different measurement method based on another sensor board? Or is it just a software-thing? Did i understand you right that with my existing combination ob parts(BME680 + RaspberryPI) is not able to measure the VOC(would be also ok) in ppm. At the end I just want to measure the air quality in order to decide wenn I have to open the window for fresh air and in the internet I read that the bee 680 in combination with the BSEC library measure calculate the VOC.. please correct me if I’m wrong.. Jeron

    Occasional Contributor

    Hi Sir:

          BST sensors mean BOSCH sensortec sensors, include BME680.

          If you just want to measure the air quality in order to decide whether I have to open the window for fresh air, BME680 is recommended.

          BME680 with BESC algorithm can measure bVoc to let you know the air quality to become better or worse in your room.

         I didn't get your point before, sorry.

    Hi Jet,

    so now that we both know what I want to do, back to my previous question..

    Can you help me to edit the attached Code(which lets the sensor measure the temperature, pressure, humidity and gas-resistance and outputs the results in terminal or a file) in order to measure the CO2 equivalent(included in the BSEC)? I think about inc,use something like a C-header-file for the BSEC which includes the required funktions to calculate... 

    i hope you get my point..

    Thank you,