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    Use BSEC library with BME680 on RaspberryPi

    Use BSEC library with BME680 on RaspberryPi


    Hello everyone,

    i am working on a little project in times of COVID-19.

    My plan is to measure the IAQ(e.g. co2-equivalent in ppm) with the BME680. I already downloaded this Skript. I got to it over the manufactors's website: bme680_main.c (also in the attachment-section)

    my particular sensor-broad: 

    there you can find at the very bottom of the website the "bme680-raspberry"-link: to the GitHub-Page. i did the steps told there and the code provided there is already running without any problems, what means i can measchure temperature, pressure, humidity and gas-resistance.

    Now i would like to "include" the BSEC-Library to the Projekt running on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+, in order to calculate(I think this is it what the BSEC-library does) the ppm's. 

    is there any possibility to make this work?

    please excuse me. I'm a) not the best english-speaker and b) not the most experienced programmer.

    Thank you for your help!


    best regards,

    Jeron Fischer 

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    Occasional Contributor

    Hi Sir:

         The attached Code you offered is only for BME680 sensor raw feature, didn't output IAQ without BESC algorithm.

         You should choose BESC library and its relative example code to fulfill it.

         Recommend you to download the relative BESC library to know how to integrate into your code.

         Please see the following link:

        If you need, I can offer my test code based on STM32F411 platform.

        Thank you.


    Hi Jet,


    alright! I will try my best. I think it would be helpful for my to have your test code you talked about..

    Thank you,



    Hi Jet,


    just sending you a short reminder. A few days ago you offered to send me your test-script for measuring the voc with the bme680 (together with the BSEC-Library).