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    Using BSX lite with Segger

    Using BSX lite with Segger

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    I want ot use BSX Lite to calculate quaterions with outputs of my 9 dof sensor (100 Hz readings refresh rate as in the implemention guide). Is it possible to use different sensor with this software and also how to add it to segger embedded studio? I am using NRF52840 (cortex m4) so this should be supported on my board.

    Thanks for any help

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    Hello Ceranthor,

    You could select IMU and magnetometer sensor from Bosch product selector guide:

    NRF52840 was ARM Cortex-M4F architecture inside. Add libalgobsx.a library under the folder "BSXlite_Cortex_M3_M4_M4F\algo\algo_bsx\Lib\libalgobsx3_CortexM4F" and header files to your IDE, following integration guide to do migration.

    Yes i made it but when i tried to integrate my readings in 10 ms intervals (100Hz like in the integration guide) i get something like this: when turning to check roll my output rise 0 to 200 - 300 and drop back to 90 when rotating by 90 degrees. The same happens on the other parameters like pitch and yaw. is something missing? I calibrated IMU and giving to the functions in right units m/s2 and rads/s. 

    Can I ask you how did you integrated BSXLite with Segger for NRF52840?
    I am strugling with linking it with both Segger and also Arduino (Adafruit NRF52) but it fails to link .
    I am  not sure if the libalgobsx.a is comoiled with hard floating point support .
    I am using " -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16"
    If I am looking to the BSEC_Software_Library implementation for Arduino and I see there are 2 versions of libalgobsec.a (one in the cortex-m4 directory and one in cortex-m4/fpv4-sp-d16-hard) 
    For BSXLite I can find only one library.... and I dont know if it is hardfp or softfp
    Can you help me ?

    I do not know how to add it to Adruino IDE for segger i added a path in project settings and included all H files in top section. I also added .a file from m4HardFP.