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    Using Development Desktop software with custom hardware

    Using Development Desktop software with custom hardware

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    Could you please point me to resources to connect DD2.0 with custom hardware.  I have integrated a MEMS sensor onto my product and want to use DD2.0 to debug and configure the sensor on my hardware.  Ideally, I would like to write software for my product that emulates the application board interface over RS232/UART.  This could be in the form of C/C++ libraries or even a document that describes the messages to communicate with DD2.0.

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    By "DD2.0", do you refer to the "Development Desktop 2.0" software?

    The DD2.0 software is designed to work with the Bosch-designed sensor mother board called application board. It could be found on Mouser/Digikey here:

    The application board uses USB interface with custom USB driver to communicate with the DD2.0 software.

    are you trying to build a custom hardware that replicates the application board mentioned here?



    I have integrated a MEMS sensor onto my product and want to use DD2.0 to debug and configure the sensor on my hardware.

    Yes, I have included a BMI160 sensor into my own hardware and would like a way to use my hardware with Developer Desktop instead of the Application hardware.

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    No,  DD2.0 is close environment which can only work with our APP board with defined protocol. 

    It will not able to work with your own board.

    Instead,  you can use the API from Github to communicate with sensor on your platform.


    That's unfortunate.  The software would be handy to plot accelerometer and gyroscope data for sensors already installed on custom systems.