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    What are Python code steps to enable Interrupt BMI160

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    What are Python code steps to enable Interrupt BMI160

    What are the Python code steps to enable INT1 and 2 to be external level detecting Inputs?

    53 = x"00" disables Int as output and makes Int2 and Int1 Input Level Detectors

    54 = x"30" enables both Int 2 and Int1 as nonlatched Interrupts

    Anything else required?

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    Re: What are Python code steps to enable Interrupt BMI160

    Hi Swingpro,

    All our sample code is written in C. We provide a free to use SensorAPI that is open-source :

    Feel free to use a python wrapper, or to mimic the API calls with your Python functions.
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    Re: What are Python code steps to enable Interrupt BMI160

    Take the INT1 pin as an input for example, below are the steps:

    • Disable the INT1 output (by clearing Bit 3 in Register 0x53, which then will be 0).
    • Set INT1 as an input, and select Level or Edge Sensitive (by writing 0x10 to Register 0x54).
    • Connect the external input signal (Vsync) to the INT1 pin.  Suppose that Vsync is an active high signal. 
    • In the FIFO, enable accel data, and enable FIFO header and FIFO TAG1 (0x58 in Register 0x47)

    In normal stage, Vsync is low and the FIFO frame header is 0x84 (fh_ext<1:0> = 00). Once Vsync is issued, the related FIFO frame header will be 0x85 (fh_ext<1:0> = 01).