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    What kind of data unit should I feed to the BSXLite?

    What kind of data unit should I feed to the BSXLite?


    hello, I am using BMF055 on Cortex-M4F and I have get the acc, gyro and mag data from the sensor, and now I want to let it work  with BSXLite, but I get some puzzle about the data which I feed to the BSXLite.

    I got the acc data is  like  {x = -35, y = -355, z = 4025} with an range of -2g~2g which is as the example code of BMF055(that is right because 4025*0.000244g/LSB=0.9821g=9.8m/s^2), but after I send it to the BSXLite, I get the result as below bsx_get_accrawdata(&acc_raw_data) then the acc_raw_data = {x = -0.248996973, y = -3.562572, z = 38.5945282} , it is same with the acc_cor_data, that is absolutely wrong because this function return the acc value with a unit of m/s^2, why?

    another question is about the calib_stat, I perform the calibration as this video ,I then I can get the bmf055_mag_calib_stat value of 3, but the bmf055_acc_calib_stat and bmf055_gyr_calib_stat looks like is always 0(though the video said that the calibration of gyro just need to still the sensor, it not work in my board)

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    I'll check if BSX-Lite support BMF055, because the bsxlite_cortex_m3_m4_m4f\ConfigStings don't have BMF055.

    Another suggest about your first question, please refer to BSXlite-integration and try this solution.




    BMF055 is a package of several sensors so i think i can use BSXLite.

    And now I have done the mag and acc calibration(means got the stat of 3), but I am in trouble that I cdont konw how to calibrate the gyroscope, how should I put the sensor?