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    Which IMU has the best performance?

    Which IMU has the best performance?

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    Hello everyone,

    There are so many different part number, I would like to know which IMU (gyro+accel) has the best performance? I am looking for an IMU with low bias, that does not drift with temperature and does not need to be recalibrated often.

    The IMU will be used in a robotic platform, power consumption, price, package, industrial/automotive rating and feature such as pattern recognition does not matter, I will mainly use the raw data and do the filtering on an external processing unit. 

    So if you had to choose only one, what would you use?

    I did not find any comparaison between all of them, let me know if you any info that could help.


    Thank you


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    Thanks for your inquiry.

    We have open-loop gyro IMUs such as BMI160, BMI270 and BMI26x. We also have close-loop gyro IMUs such as BMI055, BMI085 and BMI088. For drone and robot applications we highly recommend BMI088 at

    Open-loop gyro has lower current consumption and lower noise density. Close-loop gyro has better TCO (offset or bias change over temperature) and better long term bias stability of less than 2 degree/hour. In addition, BMI088 accel has built-in damping feature to be immune to external vibration noise from drones and robots.

    Please see the attached comparison chart.


    Thank you very much, that is exactly what I was looking for.


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    In my company, BMI055 is already in production for 5years . and works fine.

    And I'm thinking to change the part bmi055 to bmi085. But you compared bmi055 and bmi088.

    So, I want to know your opinion if I choose bmi085 instead of bmi088.

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    Community Moderator


    The gyros inside BMI055, BMI085 and BMI088 are the same. Only the accels are different. BMI055 accel is 12-bit with +/-2g to +/-16g, while BMI085 accel 16-bit with +/-2g to +/-16g and BMI088 accel 16-bit with +/-3g to +/-24g full scale range.

    If BMI055 works fine for you before, then you can freely select BMI085 or BMI088. But we recommend to use BMI085 for AR/VR applications, while BMI088 for drones and robots applications.