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    air quality sensor compatability

    air quality sensor compatability

    Hi Team,

    I am using existing BLE to integrate your BME68x sensor via I2C mode. Will there be any problem to include or add the driver and your application,

    Please find the feature of our BLE:

    • ARM Cortex-M33 (ble), Frequency – 38.4MHz, 352kB Flash, 32kB RAM

    could i read the raw information atleast from i2c registers?



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello franciskumar200,

    You could download BME688 software from here:
    If you compiler was in the supported list, you could directly run BSEC library and get IAQ output value.
    BSEC supported platform and compiler:

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for your response.

    Instead of Bosch software and integrate all your driver in our platform, is there any logic can be done using I2C registers to read the RAW values.

    After gettign the RAW values from application end will apply the formula logic. 

    Will this give any imapct? and i am using the SoC have limited flash memeory to fit your software in our Cortex-M33.

    Please share some small logic to read the raw values.






    Hello CodeOn-ArK,

    Do you mean you only want to read the RAW data via I2C interface and do not want to call BSEC algorithm? If yes, you could refer BME68x sensor API code on github to get RAW data:

    Hi Robin,

    Yes there is depdnency to port it in our BLE platform due to space constraint. Which is 352Kb flash + 32Kb RAM.

    I will try to load the BSE algorithm. If not fit, i will go with RAW data reading and sending the same to our mobile app will apply the formulas.

    Is it make sense? Is there any challenge? please suggest us.