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    air quality sensor compatability

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    Re: air quality sensor compatability

    Hello CodeOn-ArK,

    It is easy to migrate your platform with examle code on github.

    Re: air quality sensor compatability

    Hi Robin,

    I am able to read the registers from i2c using in our platform. And the below raw values are gettign and converted
    as per temperature formula. Able to read the 0x22, 0x23, 0x24 temp & 0x25, 0x26 hum registers for calculating both.

    But i am not getting the room temperature value. Please suggest us.


    temp_msb = 127 //0x22
    temp_lsb = 227 // 0x23
    temp_xlsb = 96 // 0x24
    temp_raw = 523830
    calc_temp = 153


    hum_msb = 74   // 0x25
    hum_lsb = 140   // 0x26
    hum_raw = 19084 
    calc_hum = 245


    Re: air quality sensor compatability


    I am using BME688 with our MCU (Cortex-M33) and have limited space.

    I have interfaced the sensor via I2C and am able to read the raw values and able to display the Temp, Humidity, Pressure and Gas resistance.

    Temp = 27.25
    Hum = 35
    Pressure= 943.73
    GAS resi= 11822863

    Now my intention is why the gas resistance value is showing always constant? And how can I convert the GAS resistance value to VOC or CO2/other gases in ppm conversion?

    And I need the support to install your BEC Algorithm and libraries in our Cortex-M33 platform to cross compile the overall stack.

    please share any doucments to link your libs.  



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    Re: air quality sensor compatability

    Hello franciskumar200,

    You could dwonload BSEC package from previous reply, then you will find integration guide document under the package.

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    Re: air quality sensor compatability

    Hello franciskumar200,

    You also could see it from BSEC package BSEC supported to output SIAQ, co2, bVOC.
    BSEC_OUTPUT_STATIC_IAQ = 2, /*!< Unscaled indoor-air-quality estimate */
    BSEC_OUTPUT_CO2_EQUIVALENT = 3, /*!< co2 equivalent estimate [ppm] */
    BSEC_OUTPUT_BREATH_VOC_EQUIVALENT = 4, /*!< breath VOC concentration estimate [ppm] */