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    bma456 applications programming

    bma456 applications programming

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    cannot find any doco on feature set interface or detailed descrtiption of the parameters or anyway to customise, need field application enginner to assist please/ also github not working so cannot see any files.

    In particular reading and writing to feature set at 0X5E.



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    We have mass marker application for tyre rotation and counting, this runs on a small embedded processor in 8051 assembly. ideal solution is a finished code set from you guys that we can download and adjust some of the parameters. Hope this makes sense as we are getting frustrated with not being able to deliver the solution we require. The reason we picked this sensor was low power and buffer so that main processor can remain in low power longer as it runs in side the wheel hub on small battery.




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    Hello Garys, 


    We released BMA456mm version as official in our website. 

    API : GitHub - BoschSensortec/BMA456MM-Sensor-API

    App  note : Application note (

    Thank you. 

    Hi Garys,

    Currently BMA456MM supports orientation recognition feature and you may bring a bit more detailed info regarding to "tyre rotation and counting" in your applicaion to help evaluating the integration possibility, for instance, how exactly are you planning to use the tire rotation output for this use case? any other available or similar cases of market product will be also helpful to get a clue.

    thanks for the reply. the idea with this chip and why it was chosen was to use the internal counter, like the step counter and high water mark to count the rotations of the wheel and only interupt the master processor when this high water mark is reached so to lower the overall power consumption. maximum roration of the sensor is around 30Hz. So each rotation is stored internally. hope this is enough information. thanks Gary

    Hi Gray,

    can you describe a bit more about "what do you do based on the rotations value" since it will be more helpful to understand, meanwhile, I'm wondering whether this application is related to kind'f life critical system or not?