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    bma456 applications programming

    bma456 applications programming

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    cannot find any doco on feature set interface or detailed descrtiption of the parameters or anyway to customise, need field application enginner to assist please/ also github not working so cannot see any files.

    In particular reading and writing to feature set at 0X5E.



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    the number of rotations is related to truck tyres and how many km each tyre travels, this is not life critical.

    This system fits with our patented wheel bearing temperature monitoring systems for large truck fleet operations around the world.

    The key to low power is your chip logging rotations upto a set point then triggering an interupt.

    We also use this interupt and real time in the main processor to calculate if the truck is moving or not.




    Hi, Gary,

    Just a reminding for this, "BMA456 was intendedly designed for electronics application fields" so we have to consider the possibility among other usages or applications, which means we can't commit to provide you any effective solutions after our formal evaluation.

    I recommend you to check with Bosch AE product lines for a better and suitable accelerometer option.
    BST Vehicle comfort systems 

    Meanwhile, we may need some concrete details of your project volume and the SOP date, after all this request was highly involved with algorithm customization and fine-tuning so we won't trigger an official ticket to ask for internal team's approval without above info.

    Please note it and thanks.

    In the mean time we have been working using the hearables feature set.

    we are now loading the aprrox 6k program code into the bma456, then burst read the first 0X5D registers to change and write back to the device.

    It now makes no sense as the first 0x5D bytes from the reset of the features should match the reset conditions as outlined in the data, but they do not and we can get now sense from the code. the byte indicating the code is running is comming back ok. nothing seems to make sense. can you add any light to this very low level problems with the device



    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Garys, 


    I guess you would like to use our feature like any motion or no motion.

    If you want to change some feature, you need to read or write thru 0x5E. Please check my attached file, it's motion example code for BMA456h.

    I know you are using in assembly, so I strongly recommend to purchase our dev kit and capture your application case. 

    Then, you migrate based on captured data.