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    bma456 - stock availability

    bma456 - stock availability

    New Poster

    dear Bosch,

    this question is not so much technical, but I'm still hoping you can help me or at least put me in contact with someone there at Bosch that can assist further.

    We've designed our current product to use the BMA456 and made an initial order of 200 pieces a few months ago. Now we are needing to place the next order but CANNOT find stock ANYWHERE. Can you help ?

    Can we purchase directly from Bosch, and if so what is the MOQ ? We would like to purchase 1000 parts, but is the MOQ higher ? If we cannot purchase from Bosch then do you know any suppliers that have stock now, or will have stock soon ?

    What is the current problem relating to sourcing this part, and going forward will it continue to be a problem ? Is there any danger of this part becoming obsolete in the near future ?

    kind regards


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello TMunb,

    Please contact our distributors to check the product availability and receive an alternative product if necessary. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    hello BSTRobin,

    could you possibly put me in direct contact with the relevant person or team at Bosch regarding obtaining stock of the BMA456, please ?  There is no alternate part for this device so we need to obtain this particular IC and cannot find stock anywhere with any distributor.  I understand this is not a technical issue for you to handle, but surely there must be someone at Bosch who can assist with this urgent query.  We would like to obtain 1000 pieces now, or more if your MOQ is higher.  We do not want to abandon this design and move to another accelerometer due to the time and effort that has already been invested into the BMA456, so please don't refer me to another distributor as they have no stock.

    Kind regards.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Please contact with our distributors to check the product availability.
    If you don't konw our distributors, you could refer the information from here: