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    bme680 - questions regarding BSEC

    bme680 - questions regarding BSEC

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       Hello, community! Working on a project with BME680, will notify user on bad AQI values. Successfully run the example from "bsec_iot_example" folder from BSEC "example" folder, on STM32L0xx. Follow the steps in the BME680 BSEC Integration Guide document. Now I need additional information and advices about BME680 as well as BSEC operation.

       1. Can I rely on real AQI values only during its status accuracy has value of 3? I see that periodically BME680 goes from accuracy level 3 to 2 and than goes back. During this periods, shall I discard the AQI values?

       2. If I don't help the device calibrating by changing the room condition, will it be able to self-calibrate? I try it and it was not able to calibrate for more than 2 days. What can I do for the device to self-calibrate fast without external intervention?

       3. If I understand correctly, the described device configurations in chapter 1.2.2 from the integration guide are loaded during device initialization with bsec_iot_init function, state_load parameter? ... and the data to load is located at BSEC "config" subfolders (uint8_t bsec_config_iaq[454])?

       4. The device will be battery powered (3V initially and down to 2V with the battery discharging). I searched this community and found that only raw temperature must be used in this case, it's OK. I want to read the BME680 outputs at 5 min. period, so is "generic_33v_300s_4d" the right configuration for me?

       5. In the integration guide read that float and integer software versions are available, but in the example only float is used. Where I can find more information about that? Will be good to use temperature values like: t, [Celsius] = (t, [raw] - X) / Y.

       6. If I have new question, shall I post it in this topic or shall I start a new one?

       Thanks in advance,

       Martin Peevski

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