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    bme688 bsec library problem

    bme688 bsec library problem


    Hi ,

    I am getting the below results in my work location using bme688 sensor with bsec library. After 1 hours the library is getting crashed. I removed while loop in bsec_iot_loop() function.

    With this case your library and our program is running 1 hour.

    Beginning when fresh start results

    IAQ :25.00

    IAQ_accuracy : 0

    Temperature(C) : 26.45

    Humidity(%) : 45.45

    Pressure(hPa) : 939.43

    Temperature_raw(C) : 26.56

    Humidity_raw(%) : 45.15

    GAS : 12917167

    IAQ_static : 25.00

    CO2_eq : 500.00

    Breath_VOC_eq : 0.50

    After 40-50 minutes results

    IAQ :210.38

    IAQ_accuracy : 3

    Temperature(C) : 26.37

    Humidity(%) : 42.45

    Pressure(hPa) : 942.31

    Temperature_raw(C) : 26.48

    Humidity_raw(%) : 42.23

    GAS : 12917167

    IAQ_static : 174.37

    CO2_eq : 1743.74

    Breath_VOC_eq : 4.78

    After 60 minutes results

    Library crashed or not calling your function (bsec_iot_loop)? why?

    But after 1 hour the device is getting crashed or not calling the bsec function (bsec_iot_loop). But still I am calling the function in our timer other functions are executing. But your API (bsec_iot_loop) is not calling why is there anything I need to refresh my parameters?



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mani,

    Could we know your host platform and the official BSEC software link you refer to?

    Hi Robin,

    After testing your BME860 sensor I have the below observations. Please suggest us?

    1. Waited for 2 days and I am not getting iaq accuracy updated to 3.
    2. Sometimes the sensor is not responding and not giving any information. Is there any chance the module goes into sleep mode?
    3. I am running your sensor on cortex-M3 MCU & cortex-M33 BLE both are the same observations.
    4. could share the power consumption-related techniques using your process?
    5. What is the polling time required to get the sensor information and are there any sleep and wakeup calls there for improving our battery?
    6. What is the best power consumption I will see using bme680?


    Hi Team,

    Could i expect the reposne for the below queries?




    Hi Bosch Team,

    Can i expect the reply from my below query