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    bmi270 CAN NOT SET ACCELARATION BANDWIDTH res_avg16 on arduino teensy 4.1 board

    bmi270 CAN NOT SET ACCELARATION BANDWIDTH res_avg16 on arduino teensy 4.1 board

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    jimit here, I recently buy a bmi270 IMU, for my flight controller project, I successfully initialize the sensor without any problem(writing a config file with help of a datasheet) now I initialize the sensor in normal mode and start pulling the acceleration sensor data, I set  ACC_range = 2G,  then I set the ODR 200Hz, bandwidth on res_avg16 mode, then I show now I see I get Acceleration on the Z axis 4175 - 4185 instead of  16384, I don't know why this happened then I check 0x1b Event resistor, I see I get Error of 1, means ACC_CONFIG error, I am pretty sure I write right resistor on my config file I can show you in my code,  please check my code and guide me what did I wrong, thank you!

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    Why don't you use our API?

    Here is the Arduino example code based on API. 

    It's not latest API, so please update the bmi270 and bmi2 with above URL. 

    Thank you. 

    brother, I am building a flight controller, I don't want to use any API implementation code please can you help me? am I right or wrong in my code? can you please check my code? I request you!

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    Community Moderator

    Hi Jimit, 


    If you need my help for register programming, please provide your data log using logic analyzer. 

    Then, I can check where is problem.