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    faulty BME680?

    faulty BME680?

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    I have four BME680 and one of them is measuring quite low gas resistances from others. I'm wondering if am facing faulty sensor or it's just normal and it will fix-self after some time?

    I'm using own bsec implementation, three sensors are variing from 120k to 170k ish gas resistance while this one is only around 25k - 37k ish.

    All other data like temperature, humidity, pressure is measured exactly same as others, so only gas resistance is extremely low

    It's not big deal, I can replace this one, but just wanted to know if gas resistance membrane can somehow be broken or it's just coincidence?



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    Community Moderator

    Hi Kriznik,

    If you are using the BSEC algorithm, you should observe that during the course of the operation, the gas resistance tends to increase until it stabilizes at a point of time. This confirms that the sensor itself is working. Additionally, the low gas-resistance could be because of some contamination which would wear-off with use of the sensor. Refer to the Handling, Soldering and Mounting Instructions to get an overview of what could have caused this to happen.

    Get back to us with your observations.


    yeah I know how they are working, just was curious why one of them reported so much lower resistances than the others. So you are saying basically "if Gas resistance is moving during the runtime, sensor is working. And it might "repair" eg. wear-off some contamination or whatever it might cause during the time"

    Right? 🙂

    I mean, after continuous running for 3days it does fluctuate from 24l - 62k already, which is higher than before.

    Hi kriznik,

    The raw value of the gas resistance can vary in quite a large range. From a few kOhm to about 1MOhm. This does not indicate a sensor failure.

    The BME680 is not an absolute sensor, but rather a relative sensor. The actual value of the raw resistance itself is meaningless, only the variation can be considered "data".

    Yeah make sense, I was just kind of curious how big difference one of them has.

    Thanks for you time and effort to answer 🙂