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    (free) BME688 / BME680 Webinterface for Raspberry Pi, supports BSEC

    (free) BME688 / BME680 Webinterface for Raspberry Pi, supports BSEC

    New Poster

    Hello everyone 🙂

    We've developed an App which can be used for free to monitor the BME688 and BME688 Sensors on the Raspberry Pi - anywhere from the world.


    Linechart ViewLinechart View


    Gauge view, see important parameters at a glanceGauge view, see important parameters at a glance


    We fully support the BSEC, so you'll get access to all advanced parameters such as eCO2, etc.

    We have charts in place, which allow you to see the measurement values (air temperature, gas resistance, etc. ) over time.




    Here's a list of all parameters which are supported by PiCockpit's BME688 AirMeter App (in advanced mode):

    • air humidity
    • air humidity (raw)
    • air pressure
    • air quality (IAQ)
    • air quality (IAQ) accuracy
    • air temperature
    • air temperature (raw)
    • breath VOC equivalent
    • breath VOC equivalent accuracy
    • CO2 equivalent
    • CO2 equivalent accuracy
    • comp gas value
    • comp gas value accuracy
    • gas percentage
    • gas percentage accuracy
    • gas resistance (raw)
    • sample number
    • static IAQ (raw)
    • static IAQ accuracy
    • timestamp

    We've also developed a nice breakout board for the BME688:


    Read more about the BME688 breakout board here


    Your Feedback?

    Please give me input on what you think about the app & whether there's any other extra features you'd like to see in it?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello pi3g,

    Are you the developer of website
    Do you want our advice or technical support from us?

    Hello Robin,

    yes - I am the developer of (the webinterface for the Raspberry Pi)

    We are indeed stuck at a point for our next App, the BME688 Digital Nose App - there is some problem with the correct configuration of the BSEC. My colleague currently is not able to make it work, as all parameters which he submits are rejected as invalid. 

    Would it be possible to get either some sample code of how to drive the BSEC to be able to use classification, specifically for the sample rate?



    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello pi3g,

    This picture showed BME688 measurement result for your reference.

    BME688 measurement result.png

    If you have any further requests, please visit, use the contact form to submit your request and please make sure you refer to the question posed in the community.