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    how to read/write bma400 accel data using FIFO

    how to read/write bma400 accel data using FIFO

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    Hello ALL,

    I started to use bma accel sensor. I need to activate fifo to get right accel data. I have used my custom board which based on TI cc1310.

    Is there any source code to activate/use fifo which I can reference. 

    I am also reading bma400 datasheet. there is some procedure which has to be done to activate sensor . If I use fifo mode, is this starting procedure gonna change? or it is gonna stay same.?



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    Community Moderator


    BMA400-API examples , Please refer to bma400 fifo examples.

    Best regards.


    thank you for the reply.

    I have done some setting for bma400 to get accurate acceleration data as below.


    When I run the code with this setting, the acceleration data that I see on debug is changing every second however I dont change the position of the sensor

    Did I forget something to add?

    thank you.

    the data that I see on debug as below . But every second lsbx, lsby,lsbz data is changing without any movement


    Do you think that This changing is normal? How to make sure that I get accurate values ? if I miss something about setting, can you tell me which part has to fix ?


    thank you

    You can see that how I get all accel data as below.