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    pressure sensor function in presence of strong magnetic field

    New Poster

    pressure sensor function in presence of strong magnetic field

    We are developing a device what would use pressure sensors such as BMP388, BMP380, or BMP280.

    The pressure sensors will be securely mounted in a plastic enclosure. The enclosure will be mounted to a surface using strongh magnets. Consequently, the pressure sensors will be 1cm from a magnetic field that may be as strong as 20,000 Gauss.

    Have these pressure sensors been tested for that kind of magnetic environment? If not, is there a straightforward developer kit we can use to help us to decide if there will be an issue?

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    Community Moderator

    Re: pressure sensor function in presence of strong magnetic field

    We typically wouldn’t expect an impact on our sensing technology, but our pressure sensors were not tested in that kind of magnetic environment, therefore we cannot guarantee their behavior at the whole system level.

    A developer/evaluation kit usually consists of a Shuttle Board of the desired sensor (e.g. BMP388 Shuttle Board), and an Application Board 2.0 if a base-board is also needed. These tools can be obtained directly from our official distributors.

    New Poster

    Re: pressure sensor function in presence of strong magnetic field

    Thank you for the reply. Actually, it turns out that we had a BMP280 and so I was able to run the test. As you predicted, the barometer didn't react. The magnetomoter, however, was a different story 🙂 !