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    pressure sensor response curves

    pressure sensor response curves

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    I'm looking for the response curve of 2 rail pressure sensor, can you help me to find it, please?

    What I would like is the curve of the output voltage vs pressure.

    The references of the sensors are 0281006187 and 0281006188.

    If there is a similar pressure sensor that can go up to 2000 or 2100 bars with the same harware connexion I'm also interested.

    Thanks a lot




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    Hi Thomas,

    this forum is only for discussing about Bosch Sensortec products. Bosch Sensortec manufactures MEMS sensors for the consumer electronic market.

    Okay, thanks

    I probably not posted at the correct place, where should I post?

    I went here as I received an answer from the Bosch Sensortec Customer Support

    Here is the mail i received.

    Dear Mr. Lefreeman,

    Thank you for contacting Bosch Sensortec and for your interest in our products. We have now deployed an online community to support developers and customers: The Bosch Sensortec Community includes a MEMS Sensors Forums, a comprehensive Knowledge Base and a Frequently Asked Questions section.

    Therefore we kindly ask you to visit and post your question in the MEMS Sensors Forum where our experts will answer your question. Thanks a lot.

    Best regards,

    Bosch Sensortec Customer Support

    Bosch Sensortec GmbH | Gerhard-Kindler-Straße 9 | 72770 Reutlingen | GERMANY |


    Sitz: Kusterdingen, Registergericht: Stuttgart HRB 382674,

    Ust.IdNr. DE 183276693 - Steuer-Nr. 99012/08040

    Geschäftsführung: Stefan Finkbeiner, Klaus Meder

    And I was redirected to the previous service after asking to this compagny:

    Robert Bosch (France) SAS
    32 avenue Michelet
    93404 Saint-Ouen

    (the message is in french but the guy asks to contact bosch sensortech

    The pressure sensors are in the commercial ppt he sent me, the only difference is that my request is on an old version



    Unfortunately Bosch Sensortec is not the correct business unit for these products. 

    Please go to the main website:

    And select your country under "Auto parts and accessories"