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    temperature values is always 0

    temperature values is always 0

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    Hi ,


    I am trying to integrate BESEC software to interface BME680  with EFR32BG22(Cortex M33).I sucessfully integrate libalgobsec.a file for GCC cortex M33F into my project.The project get  compiled sucessfully without any error.

    I have problem with the output data from the BME680.The temperature value remain 0 all the time, and CO2,Iaq and breath values take quiet long time to show-up (initially they all shows 0 values)

    My program take reading every 3 sec. I am using simplicity studio IDE and GNU ARM v10.2.1 compiler.

    I susppect there is  someting wrong with bsec_init()(initialization in BESEC library) function .It looks like  temperature functionality of BME680 is not getting initialize properly.

    I am attaching the snapshot output console:

    Please help me to resolve this issue.


    Thank You



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    If you are using BME680 + BSEC, I believe that you are using our latest BSEC library as below. (If you don't use our reference code, please let me know)

    And there is example code you can refer to.

    \BSEC Library\bsec_1-4-8-0_generic_release\BSEC_1.4.8.0_Generic_Release\examples\bsec_iot_example.c

    After applying my suggestion, if you still have problem, please let me know. 



    Yes, I am using Bosch latest BESEC library and, my program is based on besec_iot_example.c code.

    I still have problem with temperature value.

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    Community Moderator


    Following two questions. 

    1) Did you change any source code except bsec_iot_example.c? 

    2) If no, please share your bsec_iot_example.c? If yes, you need to share the changed source code. 


    I did not change any source code .

    I have  rewrite bsec_iot_example.c into two separete files ,one file has all th defination of functions and the other contain only the main() function

    I am attaching two files.

    1. app.c (contain main() function)

    2.BME.c (contain function defination)


    please find the attached files


    Thank You