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    temperature values is always 0

    temperature values is always 0

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    Hi ,


    I am trying to integrate BESEC software to interface BME680  with EFR32BG22(Cortex M33).I sucessfully integrate libalgobsec.a file for GCC cortex M33F into my project.The project get  compiled sucessfully without any error.

    I have problem with the output data from the BME680.The temperature value remain 0 all the time, and CO2,Iaq and breath values take quiet long time to show-up (initially they all shows 0 values)

    My program take reading every 3 sec. I am using simplicity studio IDE and GNU ARM v10.2.1 compiler.

    I susppect there is  someting wrong with bsec_init()(initialization in BESEC library) function .It looks like  temperature functionality of BME680 is not getting initialize properly.

    I am attaching the snapshot output console:

    Please help me to resolve this issue.


    Thank You



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    I looked into your code, and your sleep fucntion is USTIMER_Delay which could be micro second delay. 

    However, our sleep function is mili second based. 

    * @brief System specific implementation of sleep function
    * @param[in] t_ms time in milliseconds
    * @return none
    void sleep(uint32_t t_ms)
    // ...
    // Please insert system specific function sleep or delay for t_ms milliseconds
    // ...

    Could you modify it and run it again ?



    Thank You for your help!

    micro second delay was the problem.It's now working 


    I am also using the same EFR32BG22 (Cortex M33) with BME68x.

    I can compile the source, but it is unable to get the library source.

    Could share the supported library for compiling my whole source with BSEC algorithm with bsec_iot_example source.

    If you could share your source or project to compile the same.

    My compiler details:

    arm-none-eabi-gcc -g3 -gdwarf-2 -mcpu=cortex-m33 -mthumb -mfpu=fpv5-sp-d16 -mfloat-abi=hard

    I can read the sensor values from bme68x sensor with raw level without using BSEC algorithm.




    Unfortuantely, M33 is currently not supported. 

    Please check it in our github.

    If you want further discussion, please visit, use the contact form to submit your request and please make sure you refer to the question posed in the community.

    Thank you. 

    Hi Minhwan,

    Thanks for your response.

    In this same mail thread other person JimitP is also using the same EFR32BG Cortex-M33 platform. He said it is working with BSEC algorithm and shared his output results in previous messages.

    I am also using the same platform and as per your mail said it is not supported for Cortex-M33.

    Please check once and share the feedback. Now we have already made PCB based on your BME688 sensor and able to read only raw level via i2c.

    But for checking the GAS related factors it required your BSEC to convert in different ppm values. 

    check with others and share your feedback.