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    ‎07-22-2019 11:16 AM
    Explanation of output of Bosch Software Environmental Cluster (BSEC) fusion library Bosch Sensortec provide the Bosch Software Environmental Cluster (BSEC) fusion library as one higher-level signal processing and fusion for the BME sensor. The library can be download from Bosch Sensortec webpage. BSEC output signals overview BSEC provides the output signals as follows:   BSEC output signals details Sensor Raw data The raw pressure/temperature/humidity/gas resistance are the signal directly measured by BME680 sensors. 2    Sensor compensated data The sensor heat compensated temperature/humidity provide the air temperature/ relative humidity compensated by the influence of sensor (heater) self-heating. The sensor compensated gas resistance provides the gas resistance compensated by temperature and humidity influences. 3   IAQ and variant Indoor-air-quality (IAQ) [0-500] gives an indication of the relative change in ambient TVOCs detected by BME680, especially recommended for mobile devices, since the auto-trim algorithm automatically adapts to different environments. The static IAQ does not have the maximum value of 500 and is especially recommended for stationary devices (w/o auto-trimming algorithm).  4       Additional outputs CO 2 equivalents are the estimation of the CO 2 level in ppm. This value is derived from the average correlation between VOC s and CO 2 in human’s exhaled. The b-VOC equivalents are the conversion into breath-VOC equivalents in ppm concentration. Gas percentage is the alternative indicator for air pollution which rates the current raw gas resistance value based on the individual sensor history: 0% = lowest air pollution ever measured; 100% = highest air pollution level ever measured. 5     Status indicator The Accuracy status is for IAQ defining the reliability of IAQ value. The meaning of the accuracy value is as follows: During normal operation, the accuracy indicator is expected to vary between 2 and 3 periodically during the day. The run in status indicates power-on stabilization status of the gas sensor element. The stabilization status indicates initial stabilization status of the gas sensor element.
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