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    Application Board 3.0

    Application Board 3.0

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    Hi, im a student and i have to create a operation manual for the app3.0 with bhi260ap and bmp581. I already can read data with development desktop and bhi260ap and i can read data with the android app and bmp581. Now i want to get acces via sensorAPI. I have just a little bit experiance in programming microcontrollers, so i need help. What IDE is recommend to programm the app3.0? Is there any manual to learn how i can start? It would be nice to start with an example from github so i can learn how that works. Thank you very much

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    Community Moderator

    Hi smaub,

    You could install COINES software and refer to the documents and software code in the directory after installation.
    COINES ("COmmunication with INertial and Environmental Sensors") is a software package that provides a low-level interface to Bosch Sensortec’s application board 3.0. The COINES library package contains the source code of sample applications and SensorAPI. The software can be used to see how to use the SensorAPI in an embedded environment and allows convenient data logging. COINES is intended for experienced embedded software developers with good knowledge of the programming language C and the appropriate build tools. The user can access Bosch Sensortec’s MEMS sensors through a C interface and modify, compile and run the sample applications. COINES can be used with the SensorAPI of the sensor. The SensorAPI is available at Source code of sample applications and SensorAPI are provided with the COINES library as a package. The user can modify, compile and run the sample applications.