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    BHI 360 SPI interface is not working

    BHI 360 SPI interface is not working

    New Poster

    Hi support team,

    We are trying to use our ble mcu to drive bhi 360 via spi interface, but failed to get data back. We have the test few mode on cpol and cpoa with 11and 00 mode. The vdd and vddio both given with 1.8v. The resetn is low, and interrupt line is not controled. Picture attatched is the waveform we send to the bhi 360 via SPI.  Is there any different between the required one and our?  We have proting the code form coines, eulers.c , to a arm m0 based mcu. Could your give some hint for confurging the spi interface? 



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi jack1,

    Based on BHI360 sensor API v1.6.0, I uploaded BHI360 example code on STM32 for your reference.
    And also uploaded SPI waveform during read BHI360 chip ID for your reference.

    SPI Read BHI360 Chip ID.png
    To see all detailed SPI waveform, you can install Saleae logic( and open "BHI360 without BMM350_SPI waveform.logicdata".

    HI Robin, Thanks for proving the spi wavefrom. I have made bhi360 wroks on spi mode.

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    Community Moderator

    Good news, jack1.

    HI Robin, 

    I made bhi360 keep running without interrput via spi. I have made the same process as your provided, the process has attached under post.

    We have read reg 0x2D, which is returning 0x03, which is confusing me. Is there any key point missing to make the interrupt works?  

    This the pictrue of the last 0x03 read in the last part of initialitions. 


    This is the pictrue shows the whole processes of the initialition. 


    , Best