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    BHI360 firmware

    BHI360 firmware

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    I don't have a BHI360 shuttle board, we have BHI360 + BMM150 in the hardware designed by ourselves, how can I brush the firmware for BHI360?
    If BHI360 does not brush firmware, will it not be able to achieve automatic calibration and automatic output attitude Angle?

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    Thanks for your inquiry.

    BHI360 API code can be found online at It is highly recommended you play with BHI360 shuttle board and APP3.0 base board with COINES SW or DD2.1 SW first to get familiar with BHI360 + BMM150 before you work on your own PCB. Please see the attached PDF file for more information.

    After BHI360 is powered on you will need to download the RAM patch also called FW to BHI360. Then you choose which virtual sensor(s) you want to enable. Then you will be able to get 9DoF automatic calibration and automatic output attitude Angle from BHI360. Without FW download BHI360 will not work.

    Please note that BMM150 has been discontinued. Please switch to BMM350. You can search BMM150 PDN (product discontinuation notice) document in the community for more information.


    Thank you very much for your reply

    Can I download the RAM patch to the BHI360 chip without using your BHI360 shuttle board

    Could you please share the process of downloading RAM patches to BHI360? The attached process is the process of downloading using BHI360 shuttle board. I would like to know how to download using our own development board and do we need to add additional circuit design to the development board


    Yes, you can download the RAM patch to BHI360 without using the shuttle board. Please refer to the example code after you install the COINES SW. You can then copy and paste the code to your own development board.


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    I have a question about the firmware into BHI360, is it include when i receive or i must load in BHI360 chip. Secondly, when i receive the chip is on mode  peripheral device mode or in MCU mode.