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    BME 280 pressure data readings

    BME 280 pressure data readings

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    Hi, I am trying the use the BME280 to get pressure and temperature readings.  I have set 8X oversampling, though am not sure what the oversampling does or if it should be set to a different value.  I also am using the 32-bit integer version of the compensation equations for temp and pressure.  I seem to be getting the correct results for temperature, but the pressure reading is incorrect.  I keep getting a value in the 60000's when the test measurements are at a location near sea level.

    Any advice on setup parameters, or if someone has a sample set of raw results from registers pressure and temperature and the expected results so I can validate my implementation of the compsensation equations.

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    Community Moderator

    A spreadsheet was shared in this post that can be used to validate your implementation of the compensation formulas, but note that you will need to feed-in your own trimming values (unique for each sensor) on top of your ADC values. Also keep in mind that it is mandatory to carry t_fine from the temerature compensation over to the pressure compensation formula. We generally strongly recommend using our official sensor API to interact with the BME280.

    I would suggest the chapter "Recommended modes of operation" from BME280's datasheet (currently chapter #3.5) to find some examples of settings for different applications.

    Handytech:  Yes thank you.  I am aware to carry in my own trimming variables which I have for one of the sensors we are using.  And I first compensate for temperature to get the t_fine value to carry into the pressure compensation algorithm.  I didn't see the attached spreadsheet with known values.  Can you please post that.

    Thank you.

    My bad... I didn't click on the link to download the spreadsheet.  I have it and will check my results.