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    BME680 gas valid bit and heater stability bit question

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    BME680 gas valid bit and heater stability bit question

    I am currently working with the BME680 and looking at the datasheet (section & it outlines two bits. The gas valid bit and the heater stability bit, the first which tells you whether the measurement is a valid one and whether the heater is stable. It does not say however how a 1 or a 0 is meant to be interpreted, i.e. for the heater stability bit does a 1 or a 0 indicate a stable heater.

    Does anyone know how to interpret these bits?


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    Re: BME680 gas valid bit and heater stability bit question

    • If heat_stab_r is zero, it indicates that either the heating time was not sufficient to allow the sensor to reach the configured target temperature or that the target temperature was too high for the sensor to reach. If one, the target was successfully reached.
    • A real gas conversion is indicated by one in the gas_valid_r . If zero, a dummy value was inserted to keep a predictable device timing in the TPHG measurement sequence.