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    BME688 Algorithms - Creating and sharing config files?

    BME688 Algorithms - Creating and sharing config files?


    Hey everyone,

    Currently experimenting with the BME 688 sensor, and I got to test the hand sanitizer example. Worked pretty well, great work with that one 😄
    This raised a couple of questions right from the get go:

    1) How to get more configurations?
    2) Is it possible to share them between users?

    For the first one, as I understood, there's two options: one, we must use a sensor connected directly to the BME studio. All fine, until I got to this point (see picture below). I guess I need one of those x8 sensor boards to do any data collection directly from the BME studio because "other boards" are not yet available. It has been like this for some time though. Any hints as to when we can expect to be able to connect, say, an ESP8266/ESP32 to a BME688 sensor, and go from there? (I'm happy to test any beta software 🙂 )

    Or two, we data log with the sensor on a  non standard board, save on a SD card, and use that to upload to the BME studio. I

    I got this right? If so, any detailed example of the second option, while we patiently wait for the first??


    As for the second question, let's say I trained my sensor to detect when my cat goes to the loo, and I want to share this "algorithm" (configuration files?) with other BME688 owners. Is this allowed?
    I see the above as the same as sharing these files below.


    Going from there, and assuming that we can share our personally developed / created configurations, is there perhaps a share location where users of the sensor can put up their configuration files, for others to browse and test on their end?

    if not, would it be accepted  if we (users) set up a sharing place where other users put their training configurations for others to browse and use?

    Very clear example of what I'm asking: Setting up a place where we could browse for configuration files created and shared by others. 

    Looking forward for any insight on this.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Severan,

    1. Currently, BME AI-Studio is used with BME688 Development-Kit and generates configuration files. The source code of BME688 Development-Kit has been published on GitHub. It is recommended to use BME688 Development-Kit directly because it is developed and will be a fast and efficient method. If you want to use it on other hardware platforms, you can modify the code on GitHub, but we don't have much experience on other platforms.
    2. You can share your configuration to GitHub, including code, etc. But it is voluntary.

    Understood, what you are saying is that hipothetically it should be possible to connect a bme688 to a normal esp32 board and edit the code to only use one sensor. Would it be possible to provide a sample code of this? Only using one sensor? That would simplify the task greatly.
    What about using other boards with bme studio? Custom boards. Regardless of how fast or efficient the x8 board is, I’d like to use my one sensor to practice the workflow of creating new configurations. And hooking the sensor directly to the computer would make it a lot faster. Any way to bypass the software lock?

    About 2 question, cool that’s clear.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Severan,

    Currently, reference hardware is BME688 Development-Kit, reference code is on github.
    If you do not use official hardware and software, you need to modify it yourself. There are no other examples.