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    BME688 sleep mode

    BME688 sleep mode


    Hello Sir,

    1.Can we take the BME688 sensor to sleep mode when the scanning is taking place? Lets say for example we have 3 scanning cycles and 12 sleeping cycles and we received the data in 1st cycle can we put the sensor to sleep from that point??

    2. Another things I observed that when I am using the 1 scanning cycle and 4 sleeping cycles with the scan period of 10.8s there after the scanning phase is over the overall current consumption was around 20-30mA in case of scanning and 10mA while sleeping whereas in 3:12 cycle it is consuming 20-30mA in scanning and 0-1mA while sleeping. So what is the reason for this behaviour?




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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Ayashkant123,

    You can set BSEC with the following configuration setting according your power consumption. For example, choose to heat every 3 seconds or every 300 seconds.

    BME688 integration guide configuration setting.png

    Hi Sir,

    I am using the coffee Beans configuration exported from the BME AI studio. Lets say that I am using the coffee Beans configuration then how can I use these configuration along with coffeeBeans? As far as I understand it is like Hand field Sanitizer code example. So how can I add those  selectivity configuration with the hand sanitizer configuration. Can I get some example code where I can take the refernce. 



    Hi Ayashkant123,

    After you exported configuration file, you can test your algorithm with BME688 dev kit and app first.

    BME688 dev kit & app.png
    If it pass the test, you can replace the configuration of hand sanitizer with your configuration in code, and then test it.