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    BMF055 datastream example use in arduino

    BMF055 datastream example use in arduino


    Recently,i get bmf055 from my teacher.i am new to this.

    i have read three examples in atmel.And i want to connect datastream with arduino.i want to know if any example for it.

    thank you if you can help me or give me some advice.

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    Please,anyone can help me?

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    So far I know, BMF055 has no firmware, that means you cannot use Arduino to program it. To program the microcontroller inside BMF055, you will need Atmel toolchain. Best is to start with the BMF055 streaming example from Atmel and make necessary changes. 

    You can use Arduino with BNO055 to receive data. This is because BNO055 comes with bosch firmware.

    Have fun!!


    First of all, thank you very much for answering my question.

    Secondly,If I want to use bmf055 and combine it with arduino to realize the positioning and navigation on the arduino car, what should I do? I have learned some knowledge about strapdown inertial navigation system, but I still have many questions about the specific steps to realize it.Can you tell me the sequence diagram to implement or recommend some useful websites or  videos?

    Finally,thank for your help again.


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    WIth BMF055, you need develop FW first to make sensor running and output data on host interface,  then you can get data stream on Arduino platform.

    As start, i suggest you try BNO055 instead of BMF055 which already have FW embeded and you can just start data stream after power on.