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    BMI088 Interrupt pins & configuration

    BMI088 Interrupt pins & configuration



    I've been working with the BMI088 for a few months now.  The previous board was using an HF timer to get data and that 
    seemed ok, however, we wanted to move to interrupts.  The initial thought was to use the gyro interrupt to trigger reads for both. 

    I am getting interrupted at the 1000 Hz rate I expect, however, it seems the accel data is not ready and is always 0. 

    One thing I need to point out is that designers tied INT1 and INT3 together which I did not expect. 
    INT3 in the gyro is configured OD active low. Is this an issue for the accelerometer or is there 
    something I need to configure to ensure the accelerometer does not look at that INT1 pin? 

    Reviewing the datasheet, it seems POR defaults this should be ok without further configuration? 




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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mpulice,

    Could we know first what functions do you want to use with BMI088?
    If you would like to read synchronized acc, gyro data from BMI088, you can refer the application note and example code

    Greetings, thanks for the reply.  We're not interested in synchronized data.  We just need to get the data from both at the rate 
    of 1000 Hz.  Gyro ODR is set to 1000 and Acc is set to 1600.  With those settings, I do get the interrupt at the correct rate but reading the acc
    it seems to slow us down to around 500, which is what is troubling me.  It seems like clock stretching is happening and we are having to wait to read the acc data. I thought it should be there as soon as I read it.   

    Is there an example of settings to use Gyro int and read both on interrupt at the gyro rate? 

    BTSRobin, after further debugging, I got this resolved.  This ticket can be closed.  

    Thank you

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    mpulice, thank for your feedback. Good news.